Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hannah sings the hits!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Nick Wii Boxing

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Clark County Fair.

On Saturday, April 13th we went to the Clark County Fair. It is your standard county fair with a rodeo, rides, games, animals, food, and lots of people. The fair is held in Logandale NV, which is roughly 20 miles South of Mesquite (in the middle of nowhere). We met up with the Griffy's later in the day to go on the rides. Hannah and Nick's favorite part was riding on the ponies. Nick got to ride on "Honey", and Hannah was on "Mariah".

The following are random pictures from our day at the fair:

(Hannah comes by that look honestly if you have seen any of Allie's childhood pictures)

Veena Comes to Vegas!

At the beginning of April our friend Veena and her two children (Sara and Aaron) came to Vegas to visit us. We spent time cathcing up on the old neighborhood, playing games, visitng the Bonnie Spings petting zoo, going to the Strip, and played at the Children's Museum. The kids started out painting our fence with the sidewalk chalk: Rode the train and met the animals at Bonnie Springs: Saw the "dancing water" at the Bellagio: Went to the M&M's store on the Strip: Danced at the Children's Museum: At the museum they have what they call a "Hurricane Booth", where you get inside this booth, and the wind begins to blow up to 80 MPH. The kids did this so many times we had to make them stop. Here's a picture: Allie and the kids on the pulley system: