Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hannah's Baptism

Yay for Hannah! She was baptized & confirmed on Sat. Feb. 4th! We are so proud of her!
She was baptized & confirmed by her father, Keith L Nigbur at the Buttercup chapel in Sandy.

Afterwards we had tons of friends and family over to our house for ice cream sundaes, Hannah's favorite!
Hannah Elizabeth Nigbur is named after both her grandmas and they both spoke at her baptism.
Grandpa was one of the witnesses and stood in her confirmation circle.
At the party we showed a little video of Hannah growing up that my friend Aubrey helped me make. Here's a shot of the kiddos watching it! Jack especially liked it!
We are a happy family!
Congrats Hannah! We couldn't be more proud of you and the great decisions you are making!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Good Morning Sunshine!

This post is dedicated to my dear friend Lori, who very sweetly noticed I had fallen off the blogging wagon. This was due to many reasons;
#1. I got a new camera and didn't know how to upload my pics to the computer. When Keith finally did I was too overwhelmed to try and make sense of it all!
#2. I finished my scrapbooks for 2011. In the afternoon when Jack is napping and Nick is being babysat by the TV I was so tunnel vision for finishing those scrapbooks I couldn't even process blogging!
#3 Is blogging become passe? Seriously of all the people I have listed on my blog only 2 do it regularly. I don't want to be unfashionable! :)
But no more excuses! I'll get caught up! I promise Lori! I'm glad you missed me! We always miss you!