Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Easter 2013

Hippity Hoppity Easter's on it's way! 
The kids had a lot of fun dying eggs this year. 
They spent a lot of time getting them just right!

 The Easter bunny brought lots of fun surprises in our baskets! 
Jack got new balls for the upcoming T-ball season!
 Nick got a new mitt for coach pitch. 
 He outgrew his old one and passed it down to Jack.
 Hannah needed a basketball for her upcoming games.
 And little Miss Elle needed lots of candy that her parents would steal from her!
 The boys got matching shirts!
 And the girls got matching dresses!
 Happy Easter!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Not my style-but still so cute!

So my neighbor was selling these photo sittings as a fundraiser for a screaming deal.  It was $10 for a 10x13 picture.  I didn't have a good pic of all 4 of my kiddos so I thought what the heck!  Seriously it was the easiest photo shoot I've ever done!  I didn't do any one's hair.  I didn't have to pick out any clothes.  My kids thought it was so cool and fun, they were so cooperative.  (Nick and Jack still want me to buy them overalls!)  We were there all of 20 minutes. 

Yeah so I'm the sucker that didn't walk out with her $10 picture.  Yeah, I bought the biggest package they had (which was a lot more than $10).  They say one is born every minute! :)
And even though it's not really my style, I'd still say they are pretty darn cute! 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Happy Valentines 2013!

Happy Valentines Day! 
 Nana gave Elle this cute onesie!  Apparently she was pretty excited about it! 
 Jack had a lot of fun at his preschool party passing out and getting Valentines from all his buddies!
 She is so stinkin' cute & happy!
 It can wear a girl out being so adorable!
 Our traditional "red" dinner.  Heart shaped pizza on some beautiful red dishes we inherited from Grandma Dottie! 
 A few little gifts and we will call it a great day! 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

We love Elle!

I have sooo many pictures of my kids holding Elle!  In the beginning they were constantly asking to hold her and would do so for a really long time.  I remember feeling jealous and saying no sometimes because I felt like I never got to hold her! :) I'm guess I should just be grateful they love her so much!
 Elle has been such a fantastic baby!  I truly have never met a more mellow, sweet natured soul.  She is so tolerant of the other kids and lights up when they come in the room.
She has been such a fabulous & welcome addition to our family!  She really has been a complete and utter joy!  I am trying to savor every second but she gets big so fast and it's a little bittersweet! 

 I am convinced she remembers this one from heaven.  They really have a special bond and Jack is so careful and sweet with her.
I suppose I should be happy that we are ending it all on such a high note! 
 Who would have thought that the biggest fights at our house lately are about who gets to hold her more?  It's not so bad! 
 I really wish Jack would get a few things right though.  He keeps saying about Elle. "He's my best friend and I love him!", "Awww he's so cute!" &"Oh he's waking up!"  He gets that she's a girl and his sister but is a little confused about those pronouns! :)
 She's on the tiny side but I secretly love it!  It makes her seems like she's a baby for longer.  She wore her newborn clothes for almost a month!
 It's been fun to put her in some of Hannah's old clothes.  But it's also fun to put her in new clothes too! It's like having a real life doll!

 She hardly ever cries! 
 And she is such a good sleeper and eater!
 I have absolutely zero complaints, except not getting enough time with her to myself!
I think she's my blessing for not killing her brother! :)
 And this is my absolute favorite!  When she falls asleep on my should like a little peanut.  Time stops and I sit back and enjoy the moment.  Nothing else matters.  My sister had a little poem in her nursery that said something along the lines of "Quite down cobwebs, dust go to sleep.  I'm rocking my baby & babies don't keep!" 
I don't think it's possible to love you more than we do Miss Elle!  Stop growing, really I mean it! 

Grandma Dottie

We lost Keith's mom, Grandma Dottie, in January after her long battle with cancer.
 I think she was holding on to meet sweet baby Elle!  We know she's in a better place and out of pain and we are grateful for this blessing!  We have no doubt she is a great missionary right now in heaven teaching other spirits the gospel.
 I'm most sad for my kids who will miss her and not have the opportunity to have Grandma so close while they are growing up.  But Hannah (who remembers her best) says she'll help me tell the others about her!
 My sweet family was very supportive and sent these flowers to her funeral.  It was so cold that day but one we will remember well.  We rang bells in honor of her.  She collected bell ornaments.
I guess one side benefit of being so behind on your blog is that I get to fast forward to the present and let you all know we've decided to purchase her home.  We are in the process of remodeling it and when it's all done it will be beautiful!  The kids are excited to grow up where Daddy did and to walk to school.  I hope Dottie approves of our choices. We hope to move in by the end of September.  I'll get to that post in time, I'm sure. :)   We love and miss you Grandma!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hannah Turns 9!

I know I say it every year but I can't believe my baby turned 9!  She is getting so grown up.  For her birthday gift she wanted a desk for her room.  She is starting to spend a lot of time down there, listening to music, making projects, reading etc.  (Doesn't she need me anymore?!?)  We picked up this sweet desk from IKEA!  She loved it!
 For dinner we went to Bonsai.  A Japanese steakhouse where they cook in front of you!  My kids devour the noodles and love the flying shrimp, smoking onion volcano and huge burst of fire!  YUM!
 We had Nana and Papa over for dessert afterwards.  A pink bubblegum ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins! Double yum!
 For her birthday party we went to Classic Skating.  She wanted to rent out the DJ room.  They listened to loud music, danced and turned on the black light.  They also spent time roller skating, riding their scooters, playing arcade games, laser tag, bouncy houses and other general craziness! :)
 Happy 9th birthday!  Enjoy your last single digit year!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Elle's Blessing

On Sunday Jan. 6th we gave our sweet baby girl a name and a blessing.  Elle Allison Nigbur. She was named after both of her parents. She was blessed by her father Keith L Nigbur.  She had Papa and uncles Cam, Dave, Scott & Ken in her blessing circle.   

 Sweet sisters!  She & Hannah wore the same blessing dress.
 4 crazy kids!
 We are a happy family!
 Elle & Mommy!
 Elle & Daddy!
We had a luncheon at the house after and lots of friends and family came!  It was a very sweet & special day!