Thursday, December 30, 2010

For Auld Lang Syne

"Should old acquaintance be forgot & never brought to mind?" Heck no! When old acquaintances from Vegas come to town hopefully they want to spend some time with the Nigburs!

We had so much fun with the Banks last week! We went downtown for dinner & to see the lights at temple square! We also warmed up with a little cocoa at Keiths office. Our little families match so perfect & our kids get along so well! Troy & Barbs are great friends & we miss them terribly since moving! They were one of the hardest things to leave behind! Hannah & Enya are peas in a pod! Kaden & Nick are good buds too! Wesley & Jack didn't quite have the time to bond but I think they would have loved one another!

Thanks Banks! Know the invite it always open to come visit anytime! We love & miss you!

We also had the opportunity to visit with our good friends the Ross family after Christmas. They came over for dinner & some playtime for the kiddos! Hannah & Sydney are good friends & Nick & Brooklyn were preschool buddies last year! Connor was really cute with Jack. Keith & Chris get along well too! Naquel is such a sweetheart and one of my long lost running/walking buddies! I miss all of those ladies but Naquel was the rock of the group! We had a great time hanging with you guys! Sorry about all the snow! Come visit again soon!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

We're Dreaming of a White Christmas.....

Today was a busy day! Keith had the day off and we packed it all in! We started the morning by making snow people in our front yard! One is Nick and one is Hannah. Can you tell which is which?

We also went sledding at the local hill at a park near our house. It rained a lot yesterday and the snow was pretty wet. We had the whole hill to ourselves. I wonder why? Hannah & I fell into a puddle at the end of a run. I think I fared it better! Nick & Hannah were so brave & wanted to go again and again. On their bums, on their bellies on top of Dad's back, stacked 3 high. You name it! They were game for everything! We forced Jack to be brave and made him go a time or two but it didn't seem to be his cup of tea! Poor Vegas baby!

That night we drove up to Heber City for a ride on the North Pole Express! So fabulous! The kids got new jammies and we got to meet St. Nick himself! There was hot cocoa and singing carols and fun had by all!

We hope everyone has a Christmas as merry as ours!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Nutcracker 2010

One of the things I remember about being little was going to the Nutcracker at Capitol Theater with my ballet class. We went out to lunch before & my mom & Oma came too! I felt so grown up and it was so much fun having my mom & Oma all to myself. My Oma bought me a nutcracker during intermission and I still have it on my mantel. I wanted to recreate that memory with Hannah and I thought this was the year that she was finally big enough to sit through the Nutcracker! We got all dressed up and took some pictures in front of the tree.

We drove downtown and parked at Keith's building and walked 2 blocks to Capitol Theater. She was so excited & looked so big in her darling coat & boots. After thinking very hard she picked out a purple nutcracker (surprise surprise). She loved the show and sat wide-eyed through the whole thing. It was wonderful! She said her favorite part was Mother Buffoon. (The big lady/man with all the kiddos under the skirt!) That was my favorite part when I was little too!

We went to dinner after at the Cheesecake Factory. (her choice). We split a salad, pasta & peppermint cheesecake. It was so fun being with just her and having a girls day out! Love you Hannah! Can't wait for many more mother/daughter dates to come!

(I think we've already started planning the next.....who's in for The Little Mermaid at Tuacahn next summer?)