Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Family Pictures!

We are a happy family!

Sweet baby Jack!

Big boy Nick!

Beautiful all grown up Hannah!

Best buddies!

Awww! True love!
Daddy & Daughter

Together Forever!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween!

We had such a great Halloween weekend! 3 days jam packed with fun. After school parties Thursday Aunt Keri came into town and spent the weekend with us! Friday we went to a pumpkin patch and rode a pony named Moe. We also picked out the pumpkins we were going to decorate!
Patiently waiting our turn!

Our sweet neighbor gave us these cool faces and the kids just painted their pumpkins and poked these in. SOOO much easier (and safer) than carving! We did carve one pumpkin but it was a lot of work! (I think it had petrified in the patch!) Didn't they turn out great?
That night we went to a super fun Halloween party with some friends! The whole family dressed up! A witch, a ballerina, Mickey Mouse, a lamb, a Boston Red Sox (who about 5 minutes after the picture decided to be a Chick on the Run instead!) Hilarious!

Saturday we went to yet another pumpkin patch with rides and bouncy houses galore! The kids were so pooped they needed naps before the big Trick or Treat! Hannah (I think in Keri's honor) decided to go as a cowgirl. In 4 houses our buckets were full! When I was little you got one piece of candy per house....nowadays people give out hand fulls! But we emptied our loot into the bottom of the stroller and stayed out for more!

We had a lot of fun and are still recuperating from all of it! We had a very Happy Halloween!