Tuesday, August 24, 2010

And so it begins...

Yeah! Another school year has officially started! We have had a crazy, busy summer & I am so excited for school! I love the schedule it puts us on & I am excited that a little normalcy will return to our lives with the beginning of school!

Nick actually started last week. He is going to his 2nd year of preschool. He is gone 3 beautiful mornings a week! He loves school. His favorite parts so far have been being the line leader to the bathroom and singing the goodbye song! He really likes his teachers and has made friends with 2 little boys in his class!

Hannah started 1st grade. She is actually going to the same elementary school Keith went to when he was little! She loves taking her lunch to school and having 3 recesses!

I am loving catching up on my scrapbooking and enjoying the quiet of my house while the older 2 are gone and Jack naps! Here's to the beginning of school, one of my favorite times of year!

Friday, August 13, 2010

An Extended Vacation!

We have been here in Utah for 4 weeks! Can you believe it? We have been insanely busy seeing family, playing with cousins and reconnecting with long lost friends. There are so many fun things to do here. I feel like we are just on a very long vacation and that soon we will be driving back to Las Vegas. Maybe once school starts life will seem more real. Here are just some of the highlights of our adventures.....

The Cabin: It's so great to be able to drive to the cabin in 1 hour instead of 7! We went up for the day and played games, went fishing, walked in the river, ate dutch oven and then drove home and slept in our own beds! Fabulous!

The Living Planet Aquarium: Just down the street from our house. A fun place to spend a few hours and play with cousins. Nick loved the octopus!
Heriman Lake: We had a chance to see our good friends the Howells. We have missed them and are so happy to be back and start playing with them again!
Snowbird: We rode the tram to the top of the mountain and had a picnic. Then we rode the chairlift up and did the Alpine Slide! Our kids like to go fast!!

Happy 35th Birthday Keith! Celebrating with mini-cakes from Glaus Bakery! We have missed yummy Utah food!

Murray Pool:My kids loved the slides at Murray pool and must have gone down at least 50 times. It was fun to see my good friend Sarah and her kids too! Thanks for the invite!

(We also went to Raging Waters & I didn't have my camera. My kids loved the slides there too! They are so brave and did it all! Nick loved the wave pool and Hannah loved the tube slides!)

Pebblebrook: Going to the driving range and hitting a bucket of balls. Testing out the new set of golf clubs Keith got for his birthday!

Thanksgiving Point Children's Gardens: Exploring the gardens & playing in the water with cousins and aunt Dodo!

The Dinosaur Museum: Digging in the sand for bones! Seeing huge dinosaurs! Playing in the sand & water table! Nick LOVED this place and could have lived there very happily!

The Bee's Game: 24th of July! Baseball, hanging with the Raymonds & lots of snacks!

Poor Jack actually fell asleep during the fireworks!

Torturing Uncle Kraig: A new favorite pastime!

Discovery Gateway Kids Museum: Hannah's heaven on earth! Lots of make believe & fun!

The Hansen Planetarium: A walk on the moon!

Home: Jumping on the tramp with cousins! Look at those beautiful mountains!

Stansbury Park Pool: Swimming with cousins! Hannah going of the diving board for the first time! How brave and what a good swimmer!

Lagoon: It's what fun is! Time with Aunt Keri and a little western photography! Did I mention my kids are brave! They went on every ride they were tall enough for & loved every minute of it!
Now you are probably asking how I manage to have time for all this? Well it's these 2 little babies! They are wonderful! I can do my laundry so much more quickly and efficiently! I love them and don't know how I managed without them before!
So there you go! Utah in a nutshell! We are having a great time and really enjoying it here! Come visit soon!