Monday, April 19, 2010

A Nigbur Style Weekend!

Go Pumas! Nick started soccer. This is his first season and we think he likes it! He loves to run! (not always after the ball!) Maybe we should have signed him up for track instead! He looks so studly in his uniform and we are so proud of him for trying his best and learning something new! Way to go Nick!

We also had a Nigbur style campout this weekend! We are NOT campers but our kids wanted to go. So we pitched the tent in our backyard, made hotdogs on the BBQ & roasted marshmallows over the stove. Me & Jack slept inside while Keith and the kids slept in the tent! It was the best camping trip I've ever been on! Hope your family had a fun weekend too!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy SPRING Break?!?

We headed up to Utah for Spring Break this year to visit our families. Boy did we experience anything but Spring weather. It was freezing cold & snowy most of the time. But even though I complain my kids had a great time playing outside in the snow!

I hope Hannah checked to make sure it wasn't yellow first!
Keith and Nick shoveling Grandma's driveway
We drove up to Hailey, ID for a few days to visit my sister Melanie and her family! We had a great time throwing rocks in the Big Wood River, eating out, walking around Sun Valley and playing a lot with our cousins!
Jack rode on his 1st carousel and loved every minute of it!

Here we are all suited up for the big egg hunt! Thanks Aunt Keri for the fun invite!

We had a chance to celebrate Easter with all the grandparents & cousins! Thanks for all the yummy food and great gifts! We spent a great deal of time in the car. Poor Jack was pooped but found some comfort from this sock. Poor thing!

Happy Easter and Happy Spring to everyone!