Saturday, March 20, 2010

Keith's GNO (Girl's Night Out)

On February 26-27 Keith went down to Prescott AZ to participate in the Ragnar Relay Series Del Sol Race (hereafter referred to as "the GNO"). The race is a series of 3 individual runs (mostly speed walks) for a team of 12 from Prescott to Mesa AZ, which totals 204 miles. Keith was invited by his sister Keri to join her and her friends, and he spent 2 months training for the running. If you can read the rear window of the van they are team "Poison Running Through My Veins".

Van #1 - Andrea, Carol, Keri, Kate, Ashley, and Keith (all in the team color pink)

Keith finishing his first run, which was 6.6 miles over a hilly pass. Hannah really wants the pink top so she can wear it as a dress.

After each series of runs our van had a stop to recuperate while the other half of our team was on the course. This is a picture of our team camped out with a sampling of the other 350 teams doing the race. Keri is taking the picture, and Kate was sleeping on a banana for some reason??

Keith was a little confused about which head lamp he should wear for the night run.

Keri and Keith right before Keith's night run. Notice Keith is still smiling, which is how you can tell it was before the run. Keith's second leg was 8.7 miles up a 4 lane highway, and was not his favorite part of the trip. People kept telling Keri "thanks for volunteering", because of that vest she is wearing. She had to be either a volunteer or working road crew.

This is the team safe a sound back at Keith's house (except for Keri's burn). Unfortunately, the team did not get to run their 3rd leg due to an accident on the course where a runner was struck by a car and died. In total Keith ran 15.3 miles, and was really grateful for the experience with his sister. What did he get for doing this insane event you ask??

This medal and the best/only GNO of his life. We are already planning to do the race in Las Vegas in October 2010. Let Keith know if you are interested!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Thanks Chuck!

So yesterday we decided to go to Chuck E. Cheese and use the leftover tokens from Hannah's birthday. A great, inexpensive way to spend an afternoon! As we are pulling into the parking lot we had a very insightful discussion with Nick. Here's how it went down.......

Nick: (pointing to the mouse on the sign) "He died for us?"
Mom: "Who?"
Nick: (pointing again to the mouse on the sign) "He died for us and then came back to life again?"
Mom: completely baffled "Who Chuck E. Cheese?"
Nick: "Yeah."
Mom: light bulb moment! "No Nick...JESUS died for us and then came back to life again."
Nick: "Oh!"

Well they do kinda sound the same Jesus/Cheese's. I guess we know what Monday's FHE lesson with be on.....

We are not complete failures as parents though......we do make our kids wear their helmets when riding their bikes.....all 3 of them!