Friday, January 31, 2014

Thanksgiving 2013

First of all Jack's preschool teacher is adorable!  He comes walking out to the car with more costumes then any of my others kids did!  It always makes me smile, almost as big as he does!

My parents have started having Thanksgiving at their church building because there are just so many of us! 
 We did some fun games and crafts,
 played with toys,
 and hung out with cousins!
 Elle was excited to run around and cause chaos!
 My parents and my brother Steve holding Elle.
 The Nigbur girls.
 Griff and Jiggy.
Rub a dub dub thanks for the grub! 
It was delicious!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Just Jack!

Jack saw me making the post about Elle and asked why there weren't any pictures of him.  I dedicate this post to my sweet boy who makes me smile, laugh and cry all in the same day!  I love you Jack!

Karate, Jr. Jazz & Indoor Soccer (in that order!)

Jack started Karate.  He loves it and jumps up and down during every class with this crazy grin on his face like he's in 7th heaven.  It's hilarious to watch! 
 But at the same time he's pretty bad a%#!
Hannah has discovered that she really likes basketball.  She is currently playing on an all girls Jr.Jazz team.  She scored 6 points her first game! Maybe it's because her Dad bought her some sweet Michael Jordan high tops! :)
 Indoor soccer is a better speed for our boys as opposed to outdoor.  There is less running because the field is smaller and there is also no goalie which is a plus!  Jack scored 2 goals in one game!
 They both had very successful seasons and are starting another one soon! 
Go Team Nigbur!

Are Your Kids This Crazy?!?

I know this is going to sound awful, but one thing I do not miss about our old neighborhood is the doorbell constantly ringing (& waking up my baby) and neighborhood kids wanting to play at our house. 
 My kids almost never ask to play at other peoples houses.
 I consider myself very blessed & lucky that they love each other, get along and play together so well! 
 I joke that Hannah is our "activities director".  She is always putting together some sort of experience for herself and her brothers. 
 Where did they even learn to do yoga?  It's not like I do it! :)
 Tree pose anyone? 
When we moved into our new house they played outside together for days.  They only came in for potty breaks and food!  And I secretly love that there are almost zero kids other than mine in this new neighborhood!  It's so quiet and peaceful.  And if the doorbell rings it's probably the Fed Ex man! 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cousins, cousins, cousins! (Part II)

For my parents this year for Christmas we decided to give an updated picture of all their grand kids!
 We met at the temple and had these taken!
 Merry Christmas Nana and Papa!  I think it turned out great!

Happy 1st Birthday Elle!

What do you get for a baby who's turning one and has everything? 
 A car seat?  I know boring right?  This girl literally has zero needs and zero wants but when you know it's your last you can do crazy things like buy a "girly" car seat or a purple stroller!
 This year has literally flown by.  Why do the days seem so long,
 but the years seem so short?
 Get a good look at her cake because it's about to disappear!
 Seriously in 2 bites it vanished!  She inhaled it and loved it!
Happy Birthday Miss Elsie!  We love you so much! 

Family Pictures!

We were long overdue for some family pictures.  The last time we had them taken Jack was a baby.  So even though it stressed me out I'm glad we got them done. 

 4 silly nuts! 

 Elle was so sweet and cooperative!  I'm glad we did these before she started walking! 
 We got her to smile by singing "What Does the Fox Say"!

 I know I've said it a million times but Jack is completely crazy!  He has the most outrageous smile!  It is contagious!

Nick is such a handsome stud!  I love this little man! 

 And I can't believe how grown up and beautiful Hannah is becoming! 

 3 girls...
 and 3 boys!
It's perfect!
I love our little family!
 I'm so happy we are going to be together forever!