Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's!

We were having a very festive "green" dinner (green fettuccine alfredo, green garlic bread & green salad) when the doorbell rang! A leprechaun had left a little gift on our door step with a note that said;

Dear Hannah, Nick & Jack,
Top o' the mornin' to you kids! Today is a magic day! Follow the directions & you will see, A magic potion for you from me! Just add water to the top.....and drink it down, pop, pop, pop! This drink is for a kid, not anyone big I know what you think, you'll dare them to drink! If they do their feet will turn green and this I really mean! Can't catch me.......

-Clancey Laprachaun

The kids tried it and nothing happened but Keith & I must be big because our feet did actually turn green after drinking the potion! Crazy! We spent the rest of the night trying to catch that tricky leprechaun with no luck! Maybe next year we'll get him. Now we are just hoping the green fades before flip flop weather! Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!

(On a side note Jack was terrified of the green feet and wanted nothing to do with me! I had to bribe him with a cookie to get even close and notice he is just watching those feet waiting for something creepy to get him! It was hilarious!)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Happy Haircut! (NOT!)

Cute little Jack is almost 22 months! He'd never had a haircut until a few days ago. He had adorable fluffy baby curls in the back. So sweet! But it was starting to look a little girly/old man so we took him in to get a trim! Holy Toledo! What a trauma! You'd have thought she was poking the scissors in his eyes! Can you say "tantrum"?

Even a balloon, a red sucker, a movie of his choice & a blue race car could not persaude him this was fun!

Now his cute little baby curls and fluffy hair are gone. He looks like such a big boy! We love you Jack & promise not to make you go through a haircut again until it's absolutely necessary!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Happy Early Anniversary!

On May 31st of this year Keith and I will celebrate 10 years of wedded bliss! We wanted to do something special and we hadn't been on a vacation alone since our honeymoon! So we decided to ditch the yucky weather in Utah and take a cruise to the Mexican Riviera! Hello sunshine! We had such a fabulous time & many thanks to all of our relatives who watched the kiddos!

The ship was gorgeous and we had such a relaxing time reading, playing cards, eating, sleeping, laying in the sun, playing shuffleboard & bingo & going to some fabulous shows!

My favorite pic of the trip! Look at that beautiful sunset!

Can anyone say "all you can eat ice cream"!

Soaking up some sun while sipping a virgin pina colada! My idea of paradise!
Say cheese! On our way to yet another yummy dinner alone!
What is up with the towel animals?!?!
Our first port was Cabo San Lucas! We rented a beach buggy and drove around to a couple of beautiful beaches!
We had lunch at Cabo Wabo. Sammy Haggars famous bar & grill! Go Van Halen!

Gorgeous Widows Beach! I spared you the pics of us in swimsuits! :)

I swear our ship and all of Mexico is sponsored by Pepsi! I finally found a Diet Coke (aka Coca-Cola light) and was thrilled beyond measure!
Our ship....the oh so fun Norwegian Star!

Sexy baby! What a hottie hood ornament!

Our next port was Puerta Vallerta! We spent the morning shopping for junk souvenirs for the kids! Everyone say "Peso"!

Then we took a boat to our next excursion.......

Swimming with dolphins!!!

It was super fun & amazing!
Going for a swim belly to belly! Just a little bit freaky!

A quick kiss from a sea lion with the worst fish breath ever!
Yay! We had such a great time! I loved every minute of it and can't wait to celebrate the big 15! Maybe Tahiti?!? Love you honey! Thanks for the memories!