Thursday, June 30, 2011

Nick's a Hit & Hannah's Shaking It!

During the Spring Nick played T-ball for the Rockets. At the beginning of the season they would hit the ball off the tee, but by the end of the season the coaches were pitching to the kids. This is Nick's first hit off of a pitcher. We are so proud of Nick!

Hannah also took a Hip Hop Cheer class, and was the star of the show. This video is of her recital. She would work on her moves any time she got in front of a mirror, and was especially fond of shimmying. Hip Hip Hooray for Hannah!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Fathers Day!

We had a great Fathers Day yesterday! Hannah & Nick filled out a questionnaire about their Dad and we thought their answers were pretty funny!

My Daddy is_____ years old.
Hannah: 35 and a couple quarters.
Nick: 14-16

He weighs_____pounds and is ____feet tall.
Hannah: 98 lbs and 5 ft tall.
Nick: 14 lbs and 14 ft tall.

My Daddy has _____ hair and____eyes.
Hannah: super dark brown hair & brown eyes
Nick: super dark brown hair & hazel eyes

My Daddy's favorite food is______.
Hannah & Nick: Pizza

My Daddy's favorite clothes are______.
Hannah: t-shirt & basketball pants
Nick: shirts

My Daddy's favorite color is_____.
Hannah & Nick: blue

My Daddy's job is________.
Hannah: banking for Well fargo
Nick: working on the computer to put money on debit cards

Daddy gets mad when_____.
Hannah: when me & Nick get in a fight
Nick:we fight or do bad things

Daddy is happy when_______.
Hannah: I do the right
Nick:we help other people

My favorite thing to do with my Daddy is________.
Hannah:go on the tramp-o-leen
Nick: going to see his office

The best thing about my Daddy is_____.
Hannah:being with him
Nick:when he brings things home from his office.

Jack made him a super cute apron with his hand prints. It came in very handy for the new BBQ we gave him too! Happy Fathers Day Keith! You are the best daddy 3 very lucky kids could ask for! We love you!