Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! We dyed eggs for FHE last Monday with Grandma Dottie. Jack LOVED it! I think he thought all that messy business was too good to be true & we'd make him stop so he kept dunking eggs as fast as he could!
Hannah & Nick were a little more meticulous in their dying. They did a beautiful job!

The Saturday before Easter we went to a neighborhood egg hunt with Aunt Keri & Uncle Mike! The kids had a great time. Jack especially loved picking up the eggs & putting them in his bucket! We got a lot of awesome treasures!
The Easter bunny didn't forget us this year. He brought some new church clothes, our baskets full of goodies & a new play table & chairs. (the kids broke the old one by trying to make it into a slide!)
He also did a great job of hiding the baskets. Hannah's was in the pan drawer!
Nick's was in the dryer!
& Jack's was in the coat closet! He covered his little mouth with his hands & just couldn't believe his luck! He was so excited!
Happy Easter everyone!

Spring Break 2011

We had such a fun & busy Spring Break this year! The kids have been begging for new scooters. Monday we went to Target & let them pick out one they liked. It seemed we spent a least some time everyday zipping around our neighborhood on our new Razors! When the weather was bad we went to the church & raced around the gym! (I'm going to have to remember & take some pics one of these times!) :)

We also spent a lot of time with our cousins, The Raymonds. We went to the zoo on Tuesday and had a blast! Jack hates being in the stroller! He is getting so big & loved running free around the playground!

Nick & Abby, 5 days apart & about 5 inches difference in height but the best of buds!
Isaac & Hannah! They have a love/hate relationship! It must have been a good moment!
Choo choo! All aboard!
Ever ridden on the warthog? Jack got to because it was beside Nick's favorite, the polar bear!
Wednesday we went to the tulip festival at Thanksgiving point. It was gorgeous! Did I mention Jack hates being in the stroller?
3 beautiful blooms!
The fearless five!
The end of a very fun day!
Thursday we had our friends the Howells over. We ate lunch together & played at our house. We hit the park & left just before a huge hail storm! Crazy weather here in Utah! Can you say, "Happy SPRING Break" for crying out loud! I guess I must have been too busy dodging hail stones to remember to take pics.

Friday we went to Planet Play. We had all you can eat pizza buffet for lunch and then did mini-golf, bumper cars & video games. The kids were in heaven!

This was Nick & Hannah's favorite game. Their little cheeks were bouncing and they laughed & giggled through the whole thing, twice!
I'm so glad school started Monday! I'm exhausted from our fabulous Spring Break!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

We love cousins!

My sister Melanie and her 3 sweet kids came down from Idaho to stay with us a few weeks back! We had a great time! Her kids are almost twins to my 3 kids & they play & get along great! We went to Chuck E. Cheese, had a sleepover, went out to lunch & to the park! We love our cousins! We will come visit you soon! The big sleepover, complete with movie & popcorn! Liza (6) & Hannah (7) Nick & Luke (both 4) Jameson (2) & Jack (1) Me (32) & Melanie (30)