Thursday, October 6, 2011

That Ain't Rain!

So the weatherman predicted rain for today! Now I'm not a meteorologist but that ain't rain baby! Seriously what the heck! I am in no mood for this type of weather! What happened to fall? I was wearing shorts, a t-shirt and flip flops on Tuesday at the park with my kids with my AC going full blast in the car and Thursday this happens?!?!

I thought Nick was going to burst driving home from Kindergarten! He wanted to drive with the windows open he was so excited about the snow! We dressed in last years gear (hadn't even thought about buying new gear for this year yet) and ran outside to play in the new white stuff!

Even though I'm dying inside my boy's reaction to it all made me smile! Jack didn't eat any of his lunch because he was so full of snow! Hopefully the first snowfall is somewhat clean!

Goodbye summer! Where did you go autumn? Hello winter! Pull out the hot cocoa and bring it on I guess :(