Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August 2011

At the end of July beginning of August we celebrated Keith's birthday! Grandma Dottie was nice enough to let us borrow her condo up at East Canyon! We ordered some yummy mini cakes from Glaus Bakery (Keith's fav) and drove up for the weekend!
That night we drove into Morgan and had dinner at the Spring Chicken Inn. Our kids have recently discovered how much they like chicken on the bone! It was delicious!

We had a great time riding bikes,

playing at the playground,

putting mini golf,

swimming, playing shuffleboard, watching movies and just chillin'! I think we need to make this va-cay a yearly tradition! What do you think Grandma?!?

(On a very sad note, we invited our Raymond cousins up for one day and poor cousin Abby fell down the stairs and broke her leg! Yikes! Hope you are feeling better soon Abby!)

Later that month our Griffiths cousins invited us on a sweet trip Uncle Griff got through work! We stayed at a ridiculously nice house at Huntsman Springs in Driggs Idaho!

It was so gorgeous.....I want to live there!
Did I mention how gorgeous it was??

Anyways there was a really fun park within walking distance,

and a beach volleyball court to play in the sand,

(Jack's not very sand savy!)

We watched movies and played with our cousins,

rode our bikes,

played basketball on the nearby courts, (look at that sunset!) And pretty much had the whole place to ourselves!

One afternoon we drove up to Grand Targhee and rode the chair lift up, up, up (I was a little nervous)

but well worth the worry because of this great view of the Grand Teton mountains!

One night we drove into Jackson to watch the shootout and go to dinner.

Our little family!

Keith actually got to be part of the show! (I didn't get any pics because Jack was freaking out about all the gun shooting!) But Keith helped rescue this little lady!

The boys got to play all the golf they wanted! (Boy was that a lot of golf!) Keith teeing off!

Keith putting!

The foursome of the day!

Hannah got to play a little with her dad and even drive the cart!

Before we left we stopped for a treat at an adorable little local ice cream shop!

We hope Uncle Griff wins it again next year and invites us along again! Maybe the ladies will have to golf a day and stick the men with the kids! :) (Right Mel?)

It was a great finale to an awesome summer! We sure packed it all in! I've got loads and loads of laundry to catch up on and some serious grocery shopping to do but school starts soon and then it will be business as usual once again! Happy Summer!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

July 2011

July was even busier than June! We started the month off by heading up to the cabin!
What a cute family!
Walking in the freezing water!
A game of Go Fish!
Ping Pong!
Bike rides!
Moth catching!
Petting the horses!
We love the cabin! We always have so much fun with our cousins!
For the 4th of July we went to watch the fireworks in Sandy and then came home and did a few in our driveway.
Front seats for the show!
Around the middle of the month Hannah & I went to St. George with our good friends Barbara & Enya Banks for a little mother/daughter time. We stayed at Barb's condo, ate out, saw the little Mermaid at Tuacahn, went swimming & shopping and had a blast!
2 girls!
A yummy dinner at the Pasta Factory!
Hannah & Enya both have the Rebecca American Girl doll and she just had to come along on the trip!
Such a beautiful place!
So the really bummer part of our trip is that about a quarter of the way into the play it started to rain! Pouring buckets of rain! They canceled the show & we got our money back but we didn't get to see the whole thing! We were so disappointed! Maybe we'll try and go back in October?!?

But all in all it was a fabulous time with fabulous friends!

In July our Primary did a talent show! Nick told some jokes! He is hilarious!

What does a cop arrest pigs with? Ham-cuffs!

Where does a horse live? In a "neigh" borhood!

Hannah displayed some beautiful artwork!
What talented kiddos!
We had such fun doing it last summer that we decided to visit our good friends the Howells in Herriman and go to the lake! Annika and Hannah had fun swimming and burying each other in the sand!
Nick and Landon had fun together too!
Jack liked the sand and played with Luke! I just didn't get a pic! Thanks Howell family! We love having you guys as friends!
One Sunday afternoon we decided to beat the heat and head up the canyons for a little hike & picnic. The lake at Snowbird is so beautiful and there is a boardwalk around most of it so even little hikers can navigate it easily!
Lastly Nana invited us to Liberty park to ride the rides, have a picnic and play in the water there! Cousin Christin and Aunt Amanda came along! It was fun! My kids didn't want to leave!
3 amigos on a Ferris wheel!
Jack loved the plane! That is his "cheese" pose!
There is a cool water feature that the kids can play in representing the 7 canyons in Utah! It is unique and fun! They really enjoyed themselves!
Okay July, you about did us in! Let's see what August brings.....