Wednesday, September 22, 2010

2 Trips to the Zoo!

We love Hogle Zoo! I have very fond memories of going when I was little! Back then you could ride a real elephant! We just had to settle for a ride on the train, a ride on the carousel & seeing the new adorable baby elephant! Both my sisters have memberships so we were able to go for FREE! Bonus! Thanks ladies! Next year I'll treat!

Tuesday my sister Georgia (better known as Aunt Dodo)& I took the preschoolers for a fast & fun trip and Saturday we went took the whole fam damily with my sister Emily and her cute family! Lots of fun was had by all!

Jack & Drew lovin' on each other in the stroller!

All aboard! You gotta love the choo choo!

It's exhausting to be pushed around the zoo all day! Those hills are killer!

Nice to know you are bigger than an adult male! Doesn't everyone have this pic?

My boys....tough as rhinos!

Jack loved the carousel! He was would wave & smile huge every time he saw me!

Hannah's favorite...the panda!

5 cute cousins!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

2 big firsts!

Jack is walking!!! I know it's a miracle! He actually took his first steps a few weeks ago and is really cruising now! So cute!

Hannah has learned to ride her bike without training wheels! I think she was peer pressured by all the neighbor kids younger than her who can ride a 2 wheeler! Almost every night all the neighborhood kids ride bikes & scooters out in the street! She said she wanted to try and by the end of the 1st night she was doing it all by herself!

Way to go kiddos! We are proud of you both! Better late than never we say at the Nigbur house!