Friday, May 28, 2010

The Graduates!

Wednesday Nicholas graduated from his 1st year of preschool! He had such a great year and learned so much. He knows most of his letters and sounds. He knows his numbers and can count really high! He is doing great with writing and drawing and has such a fabulous imagination. He earned a special award for "Following Directions"! He has been carpooling with his good friend Brooklyn and has made many new friends this year! Way to go Nicholas!

Hannah graduated from Kindergarten today! This year has just zoomed by! She loves school. She has lots of friends and really liked her teacher Miss P. She is a beautiful artist and can draw anything! She has really picked up on reading and writing and is amazing at both! I know I wasn't nearly so smart in Kindergarten! She loved riding the bus and can hardly wait to start 1st grade in the fall and eat lunch at school!

We are so proud of our little graduates! Education is so important and we are so grateful they have enjoyed school and excelled so much this year!

On a side note Jack is really looking forward to being able to nap this summer. The poor guy suffered severely from 3rd child syndrome this school year. He was constantly being woken up to go to the bus stop, pick someone up or run someone somewhere!
Now watch out summer here we come!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Jack!

Wow! I can't believe it's been a year and my baby is 1! Today is Jack's 1st birthday! 1 year ago today he was born....5 lbs 6 oz, 18 1/2 inches long at 12:52 AM! He was so tiny and not an ounce of fat on him!

Now he is so sweet & chubby! It's been a little bit of a rough year but worth every minute! We couldn't imagine our family without Jack in it! At dinner tonight we went around the table and each said our favorite thing about Jack:

Mom: I love to squeeze his chubby thighs and see his goofy toothy grin!
Dad: I love his infectious laugh!
Hannah: I love how playful & fun he is!
Nick: I like how fast he crawls and how he can kinda stand up!

Happy Birthday Jack! We love you!