Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Getting into the Spirit!

Jack's getting excited for Christmas! Can you tell?!? Ho Ho Ho!
I must be also because I bought my first Christmas gift the other day (for myself!) Happy pre-holidays everyone! :)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

We had such a great Halloween this year! The kids were so excited about all the parties, candy & costumes. Here we are all dressed up for a family party. Our kids told us we were lame because we weren't dressing up! So Keith & I pulled these outfits together that afternoon. Not bad for a 50's girl and Harry Potter!

We carved & painted pumpkins last weekend! It's so much work & mess to carve so we just did one. Hannah picked a heart eye, Nick chose a circle eye, Jack chose a diamond nose & we compromised between a scary & happy mouth! What teamwork!

Jack was a cowboy, Nick was a skeleton & Hannah was an angel. Jack was terrified of Nick's costume and didn't want to wear his hat most of the time but he was a major trooper when it came to trick or treating! He lugged his pumpkin all around the neighborhood & ward trunk or treat. He wouldn't let anyone carry him or his pumpkin. What a hard worker! And he was so polite, always thanking people for all that free candy! :)

We got way too much candy & we couldn't have asked for better weather. Today it's rainy and cold but last night we didn't even need jackets! It was a very fun & fabulous Halloween!