Wednesday, October 17, 2012

One Last Hurrah!

So in just a few short weeks a new little peanut will be joining our family.  I decided take advantage of the situation and kidnap Keith for a weekend away!  One last little hurrah before we settle in for a year long of breastfeeding and not going anywhere! :)

I have been to Tuacahn in St. George with lots of family and friends but have never taken my sweet husband. So Saturday morning I woke him up told him to pack an overnight bag and be ready by 9:00am. We left the kids in the competent hands of Aunt Keri and drove down to St. George!  It was so fun to listen to our music and have a conversation and only stop when we had to go potty!  Good times! We checked into the hotel and took a nap!  Ha!  Aren't we old?!?  Then we did a little shopping and had had a yummy dinner at the pizza factory before heading to Tuachan for Hairspray. 

 We had amazing seats in the center on the 4th row!  Keith was a good sport!  He liked the show even though it probably wasn't his cup of tea!  I have an amazing husband!
Sunday morning we slept in and went out for a late breakfast.  We took our time getting ready and caught a movie on the way home.  It was such a fun and relaxing 36 hours!  Thanks Aunt Keri & Aunt Lynette for allowing us to go!
Okay little bambino!  We're ready for you!  Come when you are ready for us!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Nick's Adventure

About a month ago Nick fell off his scooter and did this to his arm...

Needless to say we rushed to the closet emergency room where they informed us that he would need to go to Primary Childrens Hospital and have surgery done to do this.....

3 pins in his poor little broken humerus.
He was such a trooper though, seriously we are proud of this little man!  Here are a few more pics of his big adventure!
 Here he is being super brave at Alta View ER.  They put his arm in a temporary splint so he would be stable enough to travel up to Primarys!
 Completely knocked out and ready to be wheeled into surgery!  No mother should have to go through this just so you know!  It broke my heart!
 Recovering with some crackers and serious pain medication! Now we know morphine makes him itchy.  Did I mention before how brave he is?!?
 He was put in a soft cast for 1 week before the hard cast could be put on.  Here is a pic of 1 of the 3 pins.  Sorry if this makes you squeamish!
Ute Red was the color pick!  He wore this cast for a couple of weeks and then because of some minor complications had to go in for another cast (that time blue was the chosen color)  But he got it off yesterday and seems to be doing great! 
We love you Nick!  Thanks for being so tough & brave! No more scooter riding TFN!