Monday, March 10, 2014

Jazz Game

One of the biggest perks in Keith's job is the fabulous tickets he gets.  Over the years we've been to concerts, plays, all types of sporting events, professional bull riding, Disney on ice, etc.  Recently he scored some seriously great tickets to the Jazz game.  There was a nice V.I.P. dinner before hand and then we watched the game from these fabulous seats!  Second row under the basket.  I'm talking about the black folding chair seats on the floor!  We seriously could have thrown our popcorn at the players bench, we were that close!  We even entered the arena from below.  We walked right past the locker room! It was pretty fun!  We even made the news!  A shot of us talking behind the players as they warmed up! 
 BTW Gordon Hayward is my favorite player!  Isn't he adorable!  I love how clean cut and innocent he looks compared to all the other tattooed players!  I got a high five from him as they were leaving the court! 
Go Jazz!  


Aubrey Howell said...

Fun!! Yeah, if anything, keep that job for the perks! Who cares if Keith really likes it or not! haha Seriously, that's fun though...I've only been to 2 jazz games in my life and they were so far up in the nosebleed section that it wasn't that enjoyable to watch. ;)

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