Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Hannah!

Yesterday was Hannah's 7th birthday! We celebrated by going out to dinner as a family Friday night at Red Robin! (her choice). She loves getting the spaghetti & salad and she can eat the whole thing! She also loves the free birthday dessert!

Hannah got an American Girl Doll for Christmas and for her birthday present she wanted the matching pajamas, robe & slippers! So adorable!

Saturday she had a party with 9 girlfriends! It was a slumber party without the sleepover! All the girls wore their PJ's & brought a stuffed animal. We decorated bags, painted nails, watched a short movie while eating pizza & popcorn, had a pinata, ate cake & ice cream & opened presents! It was a fun & crazy 2 hours! Thanks to Aunt Keri for coming to help & to Nana for watching Jack during the frenzy! Hannah has been lucky to make so many new, great friends since we moved here & she has a few fabulous old friends from when we lived here before too! Such sweet & generous girls, she got lots of nice presents! :)

Blingin' out the bags!

10 fun friends!

Hannah Montana anyone?

A pink bubblegum ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins! YUMMY!

Best buddies! Hannah was so sweet to invite her brother Nick too!

We sure love our Hannah Banana and are so glad she is a part of our family! Happy Birthday sweetheart!


Lori said...

Happy Birthday to sweet Hannah! Oh my goodness, I swear it was just yesterday that I first met her at the park ... that tiny, cute little two year old ... and now she's 7!!?? Where does it go Allie? Where does it go??? That great big smile indicates that she had a VERY happy birthday, I'm so glad. P.S. LOVE the idea of a slumber party without the sleepover. I'm tucking that brilliant idea into my back pocket right this minute.

Lambeth Family said...

Happy Birthday Hannah! Can't believe they are turning 7. Next year it's baptism. Ahhhhh! :)

marilee said...

Happy Birthday Hannah! Wow what a cute party...

Veena said...

What a fast blogger you are!!! I'm impressed! Sara had tons and tons of fun. Well done!

Naquel said...

Happy Birthday Hannah! I love the new pajamas and robe. Looks like a fun party. You are one lucky girl!

Melanie said...

Happy Birthday Hannah! It looks like you had a very fun party, your mom is super nice. I can't believe how big you are now. We love you and miss you!