Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Best and Worst Summer Ever!

So we made of the biggest and best decisions of our lives this summer!  We decided to buy Grandma Dottie's house, remodel it and move in! 
 Boy talk about a project!  It completely consumed our summer!  But in the end it was worth it! 
 We knocked down a few walls, remodeled all the bathrooms, painted every square inch of the house, put in all new doors, new trim and new closets, and we laid all new flooring...and a ton of other crap that I'm forgetting! 
 The kids got to pick out the colors for their new bedrooms and help paint them.
 They were big helpers and tried to be patient about how much time it took!
 It was a huge adventure!
 Poor Elle was an "remodel orphan" and cried every time we went to the house because it meant she was going to be confined and ignored! :)
 But all the credit really goes to this guy.  He worked his tail off. He went to work everyday and then went to work on the house every night.  His 2 brothers Ken & Kraig were life savers and there was NO way we could have done it without them!  (I wish I had taken their picture!)
 We are almost done.  This summer we are going to work on the yard, deck and garden!  But the inside is beautiful and we love it!  It's our new home sweet home!