Thursday, January 30, 2014

Are Your Kids This Crazy?!?

I know this is going to sound awful, but one thing I do not miss about our old neighborhood is the doorbell constantly ringing (& waking up my baby) and neighborhood kids wanting to play at our house. 
 My kids almost never ask to play at other peoples houses.
 I consider myself very blessed & lucky that they love each other, get along and play together so well! 
 I joke that Hannah is our "activities director".  She is always putting together some sort of experience for herself and her brothers. 
 Where did they even learn to do yoga?  It's not like I do it! :)
 Tree pose anyone? 
When we moved into our new house they played outside together for days.  They only came in for potty breaks and food!  And I secretly love that there are almost zero kids other than mine in this new neighborhood!  It's so quiet and peaceful.  And if the doorbell rings it's probably the Fed Ex man!