Thursday, January 30, 2014

Karate, Jr. Jazz & Indoor Soccer (in that order!)

Jack started Karate.  He loves it and jumps up and down during every class with this crazy grin on his face like he's in 7th heaven.  It's hilarious to watch! 
 But at the same time he's pretty bad a%#!
Hannah has discovered that she really likes basketball.  She is currently playing on an all girls Jr.Jazz team.  She scored 6 points her first game! Maybe it's because her Dad bought her some sweet Michael Jordan high tops! :)
 Indoor soccer is a better speed for our boys as opposed to outdoor.  There is less running because the field is smaller and there is also no goalie which is a plus!  Jack scored 2 goals in one game!
 They both had very successful seasons and are starting another one soon! 
Go Team Nigbur!