Thursday, January 23, 2014

Swimming Lessons 2013

The summer started off with another round of swimming lessons.  All my kids are fish and love to be in water!  Jack cracked me up with his goggles!
 Sweet little Elle was content to sit with mom poolside and eat some tasty snacks!
 Jack got done 15 minutes before Hannah and Nick so he would chill with us poolside too! 
 Hannah takes after her Dad and is an amazing swimmer!
 Nick is so brave and loves to jump in the water crazy ways.  He can do a flip off the diving board and off the side of the pool, he also loves the high dive.  He gives me heart palpitations! :)


 A donut treat for another successful session! 
 BTW another of our favorite summer treats were these enormous snow cones!  YUM!
Happy Summer!